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Sustainable Customer engagement program

DropReceive is a customizable fully digital environment friendly customer engagement program.

For the merchants to engage and retain customers, we offer digital receipt solution, rewards program, and ability to solicit instant customer feedback.

For the customers to make the most of the App and keep returning to it, we offer  Rewards Wallet, Digital receipt store and tools for Financial Clarity and control.

Environment improves by reduction in paper receipts usage by lowering the burden on trees and water resources used for their production.
With no paper receipts, their will be significant reduction in landfill and CO2 emissions.

DropReceive is a win-win solution for the merchants, customers and the environment.

Merchant Benefits

DropReceive allows merchants to engage and retain customers through discount offers and rewards program,as well as gain insight from the customer feedback analytics.

  • Digital Receipt Delivery
  • Own Reward Program
  • Pay After Reaping Benefits
  • Hassle-free Subscription plan
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Customer Benefits

For customers, DropReceive offers Digital Rewards Wallet, Digital receipt store, and tools for better Financial Clarity and Control. Customers stay informed about rewards gained, expiring rewards, new promotions and budget alerts.

  • All Rewards in One Place
  • Digital Receipts Capture
  • Financial Clarity and Control
  • Group Expense Sharing

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