Your Digital Receipt ledger and Rewards wallet

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Why Use DropReceive?

Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of contactless transactions as that can help avert infectious diseases such as flu. Customers get multitude of benefits by using DropReceive App

  • Digital Receipts
  • Reward Wallet
  • Budget Planning
  • Expance Tracking
  • Group Sharing
  • Being Eco-Friendly

How DropReceive helps with Financial Clarity and Control ?

DropReceive app helps you get better clarity on how you are making your expenses and keeping track of your budget. You get control on your finances by setting up alerts to track expenses vis-a-vis the budget. You can capture your expenses either through digital receipt from merchant, taking photo of receipt or by manually entering them. The expenses are split in categories such as Eat and Drink, Grocery, Merchandise, Utility and Services, Transport etc. You can share expenses across the family and co-workers as required. Notification feature on rewards lets you not to miss out on discounts and offers from the merchants and hence allowing you to make the most of it.

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How DropReceive helps you to be eco-friendly?

Paper Receipts are a huge burden to the trees and water resources,

and they end up in landfills and are major contributor to Carbon dioxide emissions. Receipts are important but they get lost very quickly ending up in trash.

There are many components of your transaction experience – payments, receipts, rewards and feedback etc. We offer a complete digital  experience so that we all can play our part in being eco-friendly.