Making customer engagement easy and simple

Your Own Rewards Program

Be the owner, master, and planner of how you would like to offer rewards to your loyal or new customers.

Pay After Benefits Reaped

Get to utilize the rewards sooner than ever. Stay on top of the accrued points with real-time records.

Digital Receipt Delivery

Digital Receipts are fast becoming a necessity for the ease of storage, retrieval and sharing.

Hassle Free Subscription Plan

Subscription Plans that are designed to offer something for every Merchant. Choose one that suits you well.

Instant Customer Feedback

Getting quick customer feedback can help improve the offerings faster. Positive ratings are like instant rewards too.

No Software Installation on POS

An Easy-to-Deploy and user friendly way of switching to Digital Receipts.

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Better Customer Engagement and Retention

Move to paperless receipts and get your share in creating a more sustainable world. Offer Digital Receipts to your customers. Save paper and printing costs.

Build customer engagement by creating an electronic feedback machanism that helps analyse the feedback to get actionable insights.

Offer Digital Rewards that can be easily managed and utilized by your customers, making them come back often.